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Gems 1-15-2 & AccuVote 1.94x

I have a Straight Party Race with the new crossover rules for Puerto Rico 
turned on to Supple.  I have 3 candidates for this race, and then 2 other 
races tied to this Straight Party race.  The first race, Delegates, has 14 
Delegates for each of the 3 candidates in the Straight Party race, and this 
works fine.  The next race, Alternates, has 14 Alternates, but only for 2 
of the candidates, and the 1st candidate has none.  I put in 14 defined 
candidates for this 1st candidate of the Straight Party race, and then 
checked on Withdraw for each of the 14 candidates so they would not show up 
on the ballot or report.  The problem I have is that on the Precinct Report 
coming from the AccuVote, it gives me votes and blank text, as if they are 
there.  However, in Gems, it does not show the blank candidates or give me 
totals.  Puerto Rico will be printing from each of the AccuVote's located 
at each voting site.  Again, I have sent the Post Script files to Juan for 
them to begin printing today, I just want to make sure this will not have 
any effect on the printing of the ballot.


Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems