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RE: Gems 1-15-2 & AccuVote 1.94x

> I put in 14 defined
> candidates for this 1st candidate of the Straight Party race, and then
> checked on Withdraw for each of the 14 candidates so they would
> not show up
> on the ballot or report.  The problem I have is that on the
> Precinct Report
> coming from the AccuVote, it gives me votes and blank text, as if
> they are
> there.

The withdraw trick is useless in a real election.  The candidates are still
there as far as the AV is concerned.  If you have a voter doodle in the
space where the ovals for these candidates would have been, you are going to
get unexpected restuls.

Do it properly using full face fix columns and your problems will disapear.
This was explained weeks ago.