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RE: Landscape Ballots - Invalid Ballot

Holding the ballot my first instinct was to flip it short side instead of long.  I'll rotate the back image 180 degrees.
I am going to reneg on this.  I have shown Greg's ballot around the office, and its unclear which is the "right" way to flip it -- by long or short side.  Right now it is along the long side, just because that is the way that GEMS and the AccuVote see it (1).  It turns out to be a royal pain to rotate the back 180, so I am going to let the current behavior stand for now.
Ian suggested a "turn ballot over" hand icon that points down instead of the right.  That is a good idea.  I'll rotate the current image and add it to the GEMS distribution.
(1)    Don't anthromophorize computers.  They don't like that.