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Re: report failure on AV 1.94w

Russ Ragsdale just phoned me to tell me he had the same report failure problem when he loaded a Precinct MC to duplicate it and it happened when he went to print the label - he could also not run any reports on it after that -  it was downloaded from 1-11-2 using 1.94US summary abo and is a new account - they have 1.94w rams.
  Thanks for the report Tari.  In order to do anything about it we need to classify it as either:

1) an .abo file problem in which all download attempts using their 1.94 US Summary .abo results in a failure,

2) a firmware problem in which the vote center being downloaded always corrupts the .abo data,

3) a hardware problem in which a particular Accu-Vote or memory card is regularly corrupting data, or

4) a random data failure either in the download communications or in storing the data and is not generally reproducible.

  Any ideas?  My 1.94 US Summary .abo downloads fine.

  REPORT FAILURE indicates either that the downloaded .abo file is not valid or has been corrupted.  If this is an isolated case (likely), then we're looking at one more case of a random corruption.  Otherwise it's something more interesting.

  As with all memory card errors, I recommend recording:
 - the AV serial number
 - the firmware release
 - the time and date
 - what the AV was doing when the error was detected?
 - did the AV crash or do anything "odd" just before the corruption was detected?
 - if the error occurred during counting, record how the last ballot counted was voted (note that this is not the ballot being read when the corruption was reported)
 - what was the exact message(s) and/or behavior that identified the corruption?

  If you want to send the memory card (or a copy) to me, I may be able to further classify the corruption.  Otherwise I would be more interested in answers to the questions above for as many occurances as possible.