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RE: Flagging a smart card as voted prior to the CAST BALLOT

 But why not place it in between those two points when the voter's hands are busy making selections rather than pulling out voter cards prematurely?
What part of "the voter pulls the card out prior to it flagging"  [don't you understand] 
Glad you asked.   What I don't understand why you think the "voter's hands being busy" will stop them from pulling out the voter card while the ballot is on the screen any more then their hands being busy pressing the cast ballot button.   It doesn't matter when they yank the card;  it only matters that we flag the card before we record the vote.
"what's the harm in placing it long before the voter's finished" that you don't understand.   
This one I do understand.  The answer is the harm in committing development resources to a project that will not increase our revenues, that will further delay solving the problem properly with a rewrite, and that will not solve the problem Jeff Hallmark reported to you. 
For the record, the current smart card driver is disaster.  This was mentioned in the message I attached.  Its performance can be increased 100-fold without resorting to asynchronous operation. 
 Can we not multi-task and run this routine in the background? 
We can do just about anything.