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Re: Flagging a smart card as voted prior to the CAST BALLOT

The answer is the harm in committing development resources to a project that will not increase our revenues,
I'm not going to go there.
that will further delay solving the problem properly with a rewrite
When is the rewrite scheduled?
, and that will not solve the problem Jeff Hallmark reported to you. 
Perhaps after Jeff has shown you the problem or can detail the problem on "bugtrack", then a fix can be found.
For the record, the current smart card driver is (a) disaster.  This was mentioned in the message I attached.  Its performance can be increased 100-fold without resorting to asynchronous operation. 
Is this the rewrite you mentioned above?  Is it already in the queue?  I believe Jeff Hallmark has been working on improving the votercard.dll.  Are his efforts something we can implement?
Or are we just ignoring all existing AV-TS units in favor of the new one.  You know the old ones won't go away, no matter how many times you click your heels together.
We can do just about anything. 
I know we can, but will we.