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RE: Flagging a smart card as voted prior to the CAST BALLOT

When is the rewrite scheduled? 
If we continue to accept new projects for the current system, probably never.  I am not being completely facetious here.  I believe the official answer is Real Soon Now.
Perhaps after Jeff has shown you the problem or can detail the problem on "bugtrack", then a fix can be found. 
Exactly.  If the votes are being recorded and the card is not being flagged, something is broken and needs to be fixed.
For the record, the current smart card driver is (a) disaster.  This was mentioned in the message I attached.  Its performance can be increased 100-fold without resorting to asynchronous operation. 
Is this the rewrite you mentioned above?
Not exactly.  The rewrite above referred to the embedded system.
Is it already in the queue?  I believe Jeff Hallmark has been working on improving the votercard.dll.  Are his efforts something we can implement? 
Both Tab and Jeff spent time on the current MS-Windows DLL, but nothing has been released.  Probably for the three reasons I referred to in the previous mail.
I know we can, but will we. 
Probably not, but we don't always pay attention to the three reasons I mentioned (especially the first one), so you never know.