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RE: GEMS Candidate Type - Header Problem


> In the Race Editor dialogue box under the Candidates tab, when "Header" is
> selected as candidate type the "Header" does not appear when ballots are
> generated. 

Good catch.  Fixed.

> I noticed that when "Header" is chosen as the candidate type,
> the "Withdraw" box is automatically checked and deactivated. 

This is by design.  Agreed the logic is a bit odd, but so is the concept of a candidate that is not really a candidate.  All the withdrawn flag means in this context is that this "candidate" doesn't appear on reports.

> Also, notice
> that in Race 10 that when a "Header" was inserted with an ID number of 5,
> not only does the "Header" text not appear, Candidate 10 is also
> not seen on
> the generated ballot

Candidate 10 doesn't appear because it is withdrawn.  Assuming you didn't withdraw it deliberately, can you tell me the steps, starting from a blank race, to get a candidate withdrawn without actually withdrawing it.  I played around for a while but it behaved as advertised.