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RE: Reportunit duplicate entry error

This will be fixed in .5, but right now we are back to the problem of being able to enter the same id for two report precincts.  Be carefull to keep your report precinct ids unique on your own until a complete solution is found.
Okay, the report precinct editor will again disallow duplicate ids.  Unfortunately, this doesn't do anything for databases that are already out there with dup ids.  If you recall, the AccuVote server dialog (ie, download/upload) will fail to open if you have duplicates.  Since 1.14.1, the report precinct editor has been allowing dups. 
The solution to the problem remains to eliminate the duplicates.  They are easy to spot in the list view when report precincts are sorted by id.  I don't think its a widespread problem, but it should be finally put to rest.