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RE: Accu-Vote reports - Election Totals Report in short format with Cards Cast breakdown by party

Guy, for the record, what happens if I run 194usaga.abo with 1.94x?

The modified Accu-Basic report to print full cards cast results on short reports is available at ftp://ftp.dieboldes.com/pub/incoming/194usga.zip with password: levf3idlytdna .  It contains 2 files: 194usga.abo which should be copied in to the gems\abasic directory and abasic.ini which should replace the one in the gems directory.  This new report comes up as "194 Georgia".

A revised version will be posted once the 1.94y firmware is released.  It will print the 3 character party code alongside the card number for closed primary partisan ballots.