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Re: Accu-Vote reports - Election Totals Report in short format with Cards Cast breakdown by party

Ken Clark wrote:
 Guy, for the record, what happens if I run 194usaga.abo with 1.94x?

  The current version should work fine with 1.94x (I've run tests with 1.94w) but I due to modem problems I didn't realize that anyone was using x.  Perhaps you mean the x-prime (x') custom version that was released to cover a printing problem?

  The unreleased version of 194usga that is supposed to print the ballot's primary party code fails on pre-1.94y firmware at the cards cast results and then loops back to the start of the report (yes, an endless print loop).  That version will only work properly on the upcoming 1.94y firmware.

  I encourage people to try this early version report because we may want to consider making it the new 194us.abo (i.e. the general US results report).  If people seem to like it, we can do a poll on the support list.