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AVTS 3.13.5

Second day of Early Voting:
In calling around to the remote sites this AM.  The first two I called have the same problem.  In turning on the machines that were voted, they come up to the "hand" screen fine.  Each site has one unit that was NOT voted yesterday, but printed zero report yesterday.  Today, when they turn on the units with NO votes, they get the "SECONDARY MEDIA DOES NOT MATCH PRIMARY MEDIA, OK TO OVERWRITE?"  After calling Ken, I had them go ahead and OVERWRITE, and the unit came back to the PRINT ZERO screen.  We said DONE and it went to HAND screen.  I'll try to have someone vote on each today.  In Oakland, Berkeley, and Livermore where all machines were voted, this problem did not occur.
Coincidence?  Pattern?  Bug? 
Steve Knecht
Global Election Systems
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