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RE: AVTS 3.13.5

From: owner-bugtrack@dieboldes.com [mailto:owner-bugtrack@dieboldes.com]On Behalf Of Steve Knecht
Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2000 11:28 AM

Each site has one unit that was NOT voted yesterday, but printed zero report yesterday.  Today, when they turn on the units with NO votes, they get the "SECONDARY MEDIA DOES NOT MATCH PRIMARY MEDIA, OK TO OVERWRITE?"   
Coincidence?  Pattern?  Bug? 
Well, two sites does not make a pattern, but it certainly sounds suspicious.  If you can reproduce it by doing whatever sequence of events happened on those machines that would help.  Obviously you don't need to let it "sit" for 10 hours, just do the sequence and see if you get the problem.  Or better, don't make a point of voting on all the machines, and see if the zero ones have the same problem tomorrow.  Since there are no votes, this is harmless.