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RE: Error message question from Alaska

It means pretty much what it says -- the database couldn't update because it is locked by something else, namely the poster. 
If you hit this error, open up the poster dialog right away and make sure that there aren't any errors in the log.  That is about the only thing that can go seriously wrong here.  Otherwise the error is basically just an annoyance.
I have not see this error many times even with pretty big databases, so if she is getting this "a lot" (whatever that means), please let us know.  Maybe there is something deeper happening here that I am missing.
This might also be a little better with very recent 1.17s, but I wouldn't upgrade her to 1.17 just for that reason.  You might try the release however, which fixes a performance problem with the poster (not that there is a bugtrack or swannounce for it).  The locking problems start when the poster gets backlogged.  I would really like to spend a few months on database locking issues (including supporting SQL server for big accounts), but that will mean allocating a few months to do it.  That's hard to do when you can't show sales/mgmt any new "features" after the few months have passed.
From: Tyler Links [mailto:tyler@dieboldes.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2000 9:42 AM
To: Ken Clark
Subject: Error message question from Alaska



Gail from Alaska sent an e-mail which read, in part:


Periodically when trying to create a summary report and/or SOVC reports,I get an error message as follows:


Could not update; currently locked by user 'admin' on machine 'STATEOFALASKA01'.


What does this mean?  The computer I use is the only one that is assigned to admin.


Any clues you can give me to help unravel her mystery?