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Re: Precincts Reporting is inconsistent between Gems Summary Report & JResultClient

Jeff, was the 'Use only polling counter for precincts reporting' check box selected for the Monitor Script?  Was it selected in the Election Summary Report window?  I have also noticed that the Absentee and Challenged counter groups in Wyandotte's primary database are non-cumulative, and that they tally to the polling report precincts, which also will account for your discrepancy in precincts reporting.
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From: Jeff Hintz
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2001 11:46 AM
Subject: Precincts Reporting is inconsistent between Gems Summary Report & JResultClient

Wyndotte County, KS had their City Primary Election this past Tuesday.  They have 159 Report Precincts, and also have two seperate Counter Groups, (Absentee & Challenged), with all Report Precincts.  They had in 156 out of 159 Report Precincts, since they were waiting for those last 3 Report Precincts to come in, they decided to upload their Absentee & Challenged Report Precincts.  When they did this, the Summary Report in Gems stated that there were 159 out of 159 Report Precincts reporting.  However, within JResultClient, it still stated that there were only 156 out of 159 Report Precincts, but the totals for each race did update correctly.  Is this a bug in Gems, a bug in JResultClient, or both???   This not only made it confusing for the person running Gems, when the Summary Report was released it did not match what JResultClient was reporting.
They are running Gems 1.11.8.  But I did try it out on Gems 1.17.11 and with the JResultClient that I installed with the GEMSIS-1-17-2, and I get the same result.
Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems