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  • AVTS 3-13-9-2- Vibs - header not played, Tari Runyan
  • Precincts Reporting is inconsistent between Gems Summary Report & JResultClient, Jeff Hintz
  • Printing ballot audit ballots, Rodney D Turner
  • Dr. Watson exception when printing out audit log., Jeff Hintz
  • False low memcard battery in AVOS memcard test, Guy Lancaster
  • Re: Internal Error Generating Ballots, GEMS 1-17-11, Dmitry Papushin
  • GEMS 1-17-11 application error, Nel Finberg
  • Cards Artwork Report, Nel Finberg
  • vote center resetting upon resetting election status, Nel Finberg
  • Disapearing check box in Print Artwork, Greg Forsythe
  • GEMS 1-11-13 candidate edit error, Nel Finberg
  • GEMS Add Race functionality, Nel Finberg
  • GEMS - Not able to print artwork on a networked printer, Jeff Hintz
  • AVTS - VIBS - Press 0 to accept a letter for a Write-In candidate and it cancels the ballot, Jeff Hintz
  • GEMS 1-11-14 internal errors, Nel Finberg
  • 1-17-11 bottom race margin buttons broken, Tari Runyan
  • write in text below - show line 1-17-11 broken, Tari Runyan
  • GEMS 1-17-11 Race Editor voter groups, Nel Finberg
  • 4k smart cards invalid after voting in test count, Tari Runyan
  • GEMS 1-11-13-3 download console error, Nel Finberg
  • hard crash trying to insert logo into header 1-17-11, Tari Runyan
  • GEMS 1-17-11 SOVC Race Id, Nel Finberg
  • GEMS 1-11-13-4 add and delete disabling, Nel Finberg
  • GEMS 1-17-11 Cards Cast report, Nel Finberg
  • export results in 1-17, Tari Runyan

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