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Re: GEMS 1-11-13 candidate edit error

I appreciate your recommendation.  However, what PSINet will most likely do is stop everything and wait for us to fix the problem, as it is their understanding that they are certifying working software (or rather:  if it didn't work, why should they certify it).
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2001 6:51 AM
Subject: RE: GEMS 1-11-13 candidate edit error

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GEMS 1-11-13 will display an internal error if no candidate is selected under the Candidates tab in the Race Editor, Edit is clicked and then closed.  This was discovered by PSINet in functional testing and must be fixed ASAP.


How many days are in an ASAP?  I have never understood that.


This is fixed;  it will be in 1.11.14.  I would suggest that PSINet conclude their functional testing before we send them the release.  They can then test all fixes in one shot.