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False low memcard battery in AVOS memcard test

This probably affects all current AV-OS-PC 1.94, 1.95, and 1.96

As reported by Polk Co. via Sophia, in the diagnostics memory card test,
if you wait to be prompted before inserting the memory card to be tested
you will likely get a false low battery indication (the telephone pole
symbol in the lower left).

I have not been able to confirm reports that this is aggravated by
pressing the YES button during the prompt before inserting the memory
card.  I have also not confirmed that once this starts happening, you
have to power cycle the AV to clear it.

WORKAROUND: Insert the memory card before the INSERT MEMORY CARD TO TEST
prompt (i.e. at TEST MEMORY CARD? or TEST ANOTHER MEMORY CARD?) if this
is a problem.