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RE: GEMS 1-11-14 internal errors

When will these changes be available to PSINet?  In speaking to them this morning, they are waiting for our solution to these most recent postings.  Once again, time is critical in making sure that they can finish testing.




Larry J. Dix

Vice President of Operations

Global Election Systems


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Two problems 


Don't do that, okay?

       Expanding Ballot or Card lists in the tree view, then making a change that causes a ballot to be removed from the election, re-generating artwork but not refreshing the display, and double-clicking on the deleted ballot in the tree view gives rise to an internal error.


Hmmm.  The "refresh" button was not implemented until after the 1.11 series, so there isn't a straightforward solution here.  I will change the internal error to a "Ballot No Longer Exists" message box.  Sufficient?