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RE: VoterComment

We've only shipped HP4MV and HP5000 as report printers to customers. 
I reviewed the sales history on Alameda.  In July of 2000, they purchased their own HP computer as a server and the MS Back Office.  All they purchased from Global was a few computer accessories.  There is no record of a printer being shipped except an HP5000 back in February of 1999 for a demo election.  They must have purchased their own printer unless it was purchased by a Global field rep and then expensed.  If so, it was never billed.
We actually have two (2) HP2100 in the office.  One is attached to Deby Pullins computer, the other to Patt May's computer.  Perhaps Mike can borrow Deby's printer, after hours, and connect it to the network for the testing.  You'd have to check with her.
Note:  You'd need at least the configuration printout sheet from Alameda's printer to ensure the same settings were on the printer in McKinney.
Do we ship these printers out of McKinney?  Maybe we can hook one up over our internal network and print remotely.  Does Alameda see the problem if they are printing to the printer over a network?  Can anyone on our office WAN (Omaha, McKinney, Vancouver) reproduce the problem reliably locally?