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Re: Reset Election GEMS

This is now fixed and will be in GEMS 1-17-13.
You cannot reset the election if an upload console is open or the central
count console.

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From: "Robert Chen" <rcglobal@earthlink.net>
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Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2000 12:57 PM
Subject: Reset Election GEMS

> More contemplation.... or fyi
> When you Reset Election WHILE AccuVote Server-2 DIALOGUE WINDOW IS STILL
> OPEN, GEMS will clear the vote counters in the database but the AccuVote
> Server-2 Window still shows the AVTS voter centers as being uploaded.
> you try to upload those vote centers in PollBook, it reports as having
> uploaded.
> This goes away if you close and reopen the AccuVote Server-2 dialogue
> window; or if your reset the vote centers using the dialogue window's
> button.
> rob