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  • GEMS 1-17-11-3 Manual Entry exception, Nel Finberg
  • GEMS 1-7-11-3 manual entry candidate total balancing, Nel Finberg
  • Internal Error R6 Download, Mike Brown
  • R6 Straight Party One Touch to change vote, Larry Dix
  • R6 Write-In after selecting summary page - Santa Barbara ballot, Larry Dix
  • AVOS 1.96.1 128K Memory Card Duplication needs 2 passes, Guy Lancaster
  • Fw: Problem with Endorsements, Talbot Iredale
  • Re: VoterComment, Talbot Iredale
  • Re: GEMS - Not able to print artwork on a networked printer, Talbot Iredale
  • Re: Disapearing check box in Print Artwork, Talbot Iredale
  • R6 write-in failure with ballot station., Steve Ricke
  • R6 straight party override, Steve Ricke
  • GEMS 1-17-12 VoterGroup Editor saving results, Nel Finberg
  • Re: Entering short form in Voter Groups, Talbot Iredale
  • Re: GEMS 1-17-11. Race Report. Type is displayed as "-" for shadow and shadowed type races., Dmitry Papushin
  • Re: GEMS 1-17-11 Cards Cast report, Talbot Iredale
  • Re: Internal Error Generating Ballots, GEMS 1-17-11, Talbot Iredale
  • Re: headers not downloading to Vibs 3-13-9, Dmitry Papushin
  • Re: AVTS - VIBS - Press 0 to accept a letter for a Write-In candidate and it cancels the ballot, Dmitry Papushin
  • Re: ballot shell question, Talbot Iredale
  • Re: Reset Election GEMS, Talbot Iredale
  • R6 Pennsylvania straight party exception vote, Steve Ricke
  • GEMS 1.17.11 - Adding New Candidates does not add into Ballot Text field, Jeff Hintz
  • GEMS 1-17-12 Race Editor warning beep, Nel Finberg
  • Ballot Station 3-13-9 voting error, Nel Finberg
  • Re: GEMS sorting by candidate ID, Dmitry Papushin
  • Review ballot screen, open primary, GEMS 1-17-12, AVTS 4-0-1 & 4-0-2, Tyler Lincks
  • Choose party screen, open primary, GEMS 1-17-12, AVTS 4-0-1 & 4-0-2, Tyler Lincks
  • Texas Cert Log Printer Problems, Mike Brown
  • R6 Printer Tape, Mike Brown
  • R6 - Latest Release sent from Tab to Steve on Friday May 25th, Mike Brown
  • R6 header problems and multiple ballot precinct lockout, Steve Ricke
  • Failure to reformat when editing fixed rows, Greg Forsythe
  • Windows 2000 + RAS, Mike Brown

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