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RE: R6 Straight Party One Touch to change vote

Don, we're talking about two different issues by the looks of it.  AccuVote-OS straight party logic depends on the straight party tally rule selected, whose effect differs, depending on whether an overvote was effected by the combination of straight party and direct candidate choices.  The issue with the AccuVote-TS is that after the voter has decided to change the candidate selection, the candidate selected must again be touched, and then the new candidate is selected on the touch screen.  In Pennsylvania Straight Party voting, if the voter changes his or her mind, the voter does not need to touch the original selection again before touching the new selection.
The straight party tally rules do not apply to touch screen voting, since it is not possible to overvote, as voting areas are locked out once the voter has reached the number to vote for.  I believe the AccuVote-OS straight party logic you are refering to is the default Exclusive, that is, straight party choices are effected only if no candidates are selected in the race.
The GEMS 1-17-12 User's Guide has lots more good stuff on this subject matter in the chapter 2.3 Setup, as does the AccuVote-TS User's Guide in the Voter Manual, both very hot off the press.
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Nel: Isn't this normal for a straight party race, and reflects what is done on an OS unit. You can vote straight party and any opposing (other party) candidates in a particular race. does it then count as the accuvote does - all straight party votes are counted unless there is a different selection in a particular race?
Thanks: Don B

Nel Finberg wrote:

As an elaboration on this, the straight party choice effects the selection of all candidates endorsed by the straight party selected, however, the voting areas next to each candidate are not disabled with the straight party selection.  As a result, it is possible to select alternate candidates without disabling the initial straight party choice, but once the alternate candidate is selected in a race, all voting areas in the race are disabled (provided the number of candidates selected is equal to the number to vote for). Nel
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From: Larry Dix
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Subject: R6 Straight Party One Touch to change vote
On the R6 with a Harris County, TX ballot, I selected straight party.It properly marked the party I selected, but when I went into the ballot, I then could change a vote by simply touching a candidate of a different party.The point I am making is that I did not have to touch the “Red X’ to remove the vote before I selected a vote for another candidate.This sounds like a requirement that Pennsylvania had in changing a vote with “One Touch”.

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