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Re: R6 Write-In after selecting summary page - Santa Barbara ballot

This was a bug, The Font size and color were not being set when displaying the write-in name. This is now fixed.
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From: Larry Dix
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2001 1:18 PM
Subject: R6 Write-In after selecting summary page - Santa Barbara ballot

On the first pass at the ballot, I select a write-in and type the name “Jeffrey Douglas”.  I press record write-in.  The ballot is redisplayed with the name in white letters.  I continue to select next, through the ballot to the summary page.  I select the race that had the write-in and that page is redisplayed.  My write in name is displayed in a much larger font, and in black letters and I only see “Jeffrey”.   Without making any changes, I go back to the summary page and the summary page shows that I wrote in “Jeffrey Douglas”.


It seems to follow a pattern that every time I go back to the ballot from the summary page, the write-in font is changed (larger), part of the name is truncated,  and the write in name is in black letters. 


I also do not believe that the initial write-in should be displayed in white letters.


Larry J. Dix

Vice President of Operations

Global Election Systems