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Review ballot screen, open primary, GEMS 1-17-12, AVTS 4-0-1 & 4-0-2

I set up a database in GEMS 1-17-12 as an open primary with two voter groups
(Dem and Rep), both with the "separate ballot" box unchecked.  I created a
Democratic race and a Republican race, with a discreet header linked to each

The election was downloaded to an R6 running 4.0.1.  After selecting the
party whose primary I wished to vote in, I voted the race of that party.
When the review ballot screen came up, it showed the races from both
parties.  The race from the party I didn't select cannot be accessed from
this screen the way the race from the party I did choose can, but

Shouldn't it only show the race from the party I selected at the start?

The R6 was upgraded to 4.0.2 and the same behavior was exhibited.