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RE: Failure to reformat when editing fixed rows

Yeah, I admitted as much to myself when I implemented it:
 // Check if number of candidates on ballot changes then flag
 // that ballots are invalid
 // XXX its more complicated now;  changing the candidate endorsement
 // when using fixed row/cols will also change the race extent
 if (numOnBallot != raceRecSet.m_NumOnBallot)
  invalidateFlag |= CGEMSDoc::IB_INVALIDATE_BALLOT;
Fixed in 1.17.14.
Ho hum.  I s'pose you want it to invalidate ballots when you change the endorsement row/col in the voter group dialog too, huh?  If we ever get a paying full-face account, rattle my chain and I'll look into it.  In the mean time, reset artwork.
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Subject: Failure to reformat when editing fixed rows

System failed  to notify when editing and changing endorsed parties.  Voting oval did not follow new grid location but remained in it's original location with no text.  I changed endorsement from 7E  to  7F.  Reset Artwork and generated ballot successfully.


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