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Re: Cancel Button face reverting to English default

    What VIBS dialog and CANCEL button are you talking about?
    I have found that the "Cast Ballot" button label is displayed in English when the Spanish language is selected AND have not voted for any candidate.  Is this the bug you are trying to report?  If so the problem is in the TSText.txt file where, in the Spanish section, the "RVD_NoVotesRecordButtonText" refers to the 1033 directory rather that the 1034 directory. 
This is fixed and will be in TSText-1-18-6..
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Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2001 8:59 PM
Subject: Cancel Button face reverting to English default

Gems 1-17-16
BS 4-1-1-6, or 4-1-1-7
Test the LA data V2 with the above Gems and Ballot Station has following bug.
VIBS dialog , CANCEL button face reverts to English default when candidate voted.