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Re: Problems with download, constant :Counter Batch not Found:

This message usually means that GEMS has not finished generating the file for download.  We will be working to improve this interface but for now that is how the system works. If you get this message wait a bit and try again.

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Sent: Saturday, October 20, 2001 9:09 PM
Subject: Problems with download, constant :Counter Batch not Found:

Gems 1-17-16
BS 4-1-1-6, or 4-1-1-7
Downloading VC 1, MID 0 , get error Counter Batch not Found.
Testing with two modified versions of LA cert V2 data base .
First modified version has removed the Shadow/Shadowed race Pres and Vice Pres and added a Type Candidate race for same.
Second modified Version, deleted both Shadowed races, but not the Shadow races, for Pres and VP & the shadowed Senate race.
After error Counter Batch not Found ,the Download V2 hangs ,when ports are stopped and the Close button is touched.