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RE: California March Presidential Primary - New Layout and Reporting Feature

 All statewide races will have this feature.   
All statewide races will have all party candidates on each in those races, but only the presidential race will be reported by registered party, correct?
 The difference comes in the reporting area.  The reports will track the "open" primary race for president just as we do now, tallying all candidates votes.  In addition, the GEMS tabulation and reporting will have to check which party the ballot belongs to, and tabulate the "open" primary counter and the party specific counter for the Presidential race, i.e., increment a counter for the Republican ballot, if a Republican candidate was selected and not increment it is any other non-republican was voted for.   
This description is pretty clear.
I'll need a few days to work out the development time for this.  It will effect the AccuVote, AccuVote-TS, Central Count, and GEMS, so it is certainly a big job.  It however sounds easier to implement than what was described in Rob Chen's California Presidential Preference RCR submitted 4-5-99. 
There was also a California Open RCR submitted by Steve Knecht on 12-2-98.  This first RCR discussed having the poll worker fill in an oval on a special race to indicate the party affiliation of the voter.  I assume this will still be the case.