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Re: California March Presidential Primary - New Layout and Reporting Feature

[this is from Steve]
All statewide races will have all party candidates on each in those races, but only the presidential race will be reported by registered party, correct?
Correct, all statewide races will include every party's candidates on each of the party ballots. But only presidential race will have the total plus new reporting for each party.
There was also a California Open RCR submitted by Steve Knecht on 12-2-98.  This first RCR discussed having the poll worker fill in an oval on a special race to indicate the party affiliation of the voter.  I assume this will still be the case.
No, the counties feel that we will need to print different party ballots.  I have certified Spectrum in California for this reason, so that we can get away from the big plate charges and the number of ballots in a print run will not increase costs.  So the net of this now is that the voter will get one ballot specific to their party, and vote one  presidential race with the reporting we've discussed.  The poll worker will be required to give out the correct party ballot (nine parties) at the check in table in the precinct.  The state does not like the idea of the pollworker checking a box next to a party to designate the ballot/party affiliation.  I still think its a good idea, but they point out that some pollworkers will forget to do this, and I can't argue that this would probably be true.