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AccuTouch - Checking for Blank Ballot

DATE:			5/10/99
FROM:			Jeff Hintz

Description of Requested Change:

The first cut of the Warning Message for Blank Ballot that we used for Lake, Ohio, has seemed to help, but didn't bring out enough attention for the voters to see.  We still had 33 blank votes out of 1200.  That's about 2.75%, which the County Officials see as too high.  To bring more attention to the voter, it would be better to leave the screen where you hit the Cast Ballot button as it was before.  Then, when they touch the Cast Ballot button and they did vote a blank ballot, a new screen comes up with the Warning and then they need to either press a Cast Blank Ballot button or a Review Ballot button.    

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems
Omaha, NE