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Re: Ovals positioned back to back on ballots.

I'm not saying we have to go to those extremes.
Most times, ballots are laid out with the number of columns on both sides and with the ovals justify the  same way on both sides.  But the ballot layout program is flexible enough to allow people to configure ballots differently.  Does the program currently allow ballots to be laid out with text over voting positions?
So, to get this straight, are you saying that it is not feasible to program a restriction to keep ovals from being laid out back to back; that people laying out ballots are just going to have to have their wits about them if they want to use pens that bleed-through the ballot paper?
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Friday, December 03, 1999 1:04 PM
Subject: RE: Ovals positioned back to back on ballots.

Would it be that difficult to program restrictions into the ballot layout program to exclude this situation rather than leaving another potential problem area for the ballot layout programmer to catch?
Of course its not difficult to add restrictions.  We can just disallow mixing front to back columns and multi-column candidate races, like other systems do.  Perhaps we can even simplify the card reader and make it four fixed columns, eliminating the problem entirely.
I don't think people who can solve the bleed through issue by other means will like that however.  This way we have the best of both worlds.