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Fw: From Marin

I was asked about status on this.  Anyone know if this is going to be done
for November?
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From: <mdejusto@marin.org>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 1999 2:57 PM

> This request is to provide two data fields: 1) troubleshooter or rover
> district (3 digit field) and 2) drop-off number (3 digit field).  These
> should be part of the "voting center" data entry, and be allowed to change
> at any time (not part of "set for election" lockout.  These do not need to
> be on the memory card, but do need to allow two reports providing sorting
> for voting centers by these two fields.
> Explanation:
> In each and every election, we've needed to make up special excel or
> reporting sheets so that we have a polling location by "drop-off" center
> report.  This is critical so that a drop-off site can call in, and get a
> quick report as to whether we've received all polling locations in their
> drop-off area.  Presently, we have an AccuVote status report (in number
> sequence only) that requires us to scan the report over and over on
> night, checking off polling places as they come in.  But, presently there
> no way to determine whether the drop off location has all their polling
> sites reported or not sorted by drop-off center.  This is a killer in each
> election.
> Also, we need a report of polling locations sorted by troubleshooters as
> well.  Now, they are making several different spreadsheet reports (at all
> the sites I'm familiar with) and then we have to work from the single
> AccuVote status report, crossing polls off the other reports.
> Thanks Steve