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RE: More vote center fields (was Fw: From Marin)

This was responded to in November.  Attached.  See if they can make due with
the region feature, which if I remember correctly they are not currently



> This request is to provide two data fields: 1) troubleshooter or rover
> district (3 digit field) and 2) drop-off number (3 digit field).  These
> should be part of the "voting center" data entry, and be allowed to change
> at any time (not part of "set for election" lockout.  These do not need to
> be on the memory card, but do need to allow two reports providing sorting
> for voting centers by these two fields.

Well explained. 

King had a similar request as drop-off number for their depots.  We invented "regions" to handle this, and it was general enough for Alaska and a number of other places.  Regions are just a way of organizing a large number of vote centers.  We allow sorting by region on the upload screen.  The new upload status report from Tari's RCR should solve their drop-off upload reporting requirements.

It is not difficult to add another vcenter field for rover, but this will be at the expense of making the vcenter dialog more complicated for everyone else.  I guess you'll want rover to be a column in the upload dialog vcenter list too.  As you know there is not a lot of screen real estate there.  I don't have any strong opinion on the rover field, but as a rule it is bad design to just add more data fields to solve a problem (creeping featurism).  Do others want this?  Could it be used in some more general way not handled by regions?

> Thanks Steve