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RE: ability to clear one precinct in a multiprecinct vote center

Guy -  you need to unset for election to add a new vote center
  A technical detail that I'm sure could be overcome if this was the direction that we wanted to take. :)  
Its not a new vcenter, its just a new memory card for the vcenter.  This already allowed after unset, although you have to be carefull.  

1) What do we do about the public ballot counter and the card counters (which are not uploaded but which appear on the AV reports)?  a) Leave as is, b) reset them to zero, or c) try to adjust them for the cleared ballots (not possible if ballots are shared between precincts).  

Rebuild it by summing up the card counters.  Its a redundant statistic that needs to be kept in sync. 

2) How serious would it be if someone accidentally cleared the wrong precinct?   

Serious.  That's why I am still dubious about this feature.

3) What kind of audit trail do we need?  We currently have an audit log entry for clearing the counters but there is no way that we could record which subset of counters was cleared.  Would printing something on the tape be sufficient? 

I assume this is due to the audit log "compression" scheme we have.  Painfull.

4) When is this *required*?  I'm trying to get out a V2 release RSN (i.e. the next few weeks) so maybe we could try this out in that version.  

This isn't a "required" kind of request since they can always just re-feed the whole deck.  This is a "how much are they going to pay for it and how many other accounts want it" kind of request.

For the prompt sequence, how about:


Reasonable, although I don't like the inconsistency in how its logged.  I'd just make a new log type "partial clear" and leave it up to the auditors to make sure the SOVC is sane.