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Phone bills

I am in receipt of your fax regarding the company only paying for cell phone
plus one fax, plus earthlink line.

Let me inform you of the following:

1.  My Sprint phone does not receive digital signal at my home, and all calls
are long distance.  It effectively does not work at my home.

2.  I have never remembered to charge the company for my aol account anyway
(maybe once or twice in last two years) so it never cost you anything anyway.

3.  I need an office line to receive calls at my home besides the sprint line.
By putting out this memo, especially when I've already informed Moe that the
sprint line does not work, it does not accomplish much.  If you'd like to
carry this through it will  cut me off from all incoming calls, and raise the
office line costs because every call I make will be via Sprint with roaming
charges on a line that is difficult to hear.

4.  The sprint phones don't work in many building settings, and you've cut off
our 800
calling cards, effectively cutting off our ability to communicate in some
airports and in large areas, ie., Sprint does not work yesterday from 10 mi
south of Sacto to 5 miles north of Stockton.  

We keep asking you guys to talk with us before you make these decisions.   It
doesn't seem to help.  I'm submitting my office phone line bills as normal.  I
would like some assurance they will be paid.  Let me know right away if you
want to stick with this policy.  I'll cancel my home office line, and we can
communicate via fax. Do not cut off my pager, as it is the only thing that
works for customer calls when the cell is not getting signal.