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AV-OS-CC 2.00g Released

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  The latest Central Count ROM set is now available from the McKinney order desk.  CC 2.00g is a maintenance release that reduces the occurance of NOT READ ballots and related errors and also allows automatic network connection using the terminal servers.

  Release notes attached.


Title: Accu-Vote Release 2.00g
Accu-Vote 2000 - Release 2.00g


To reduce the incidence of non-processed ballot returns.


The 2.00g release of the Accu-Vote firmware is based on the 2.00f release. The central count communications protocol and memory card format remain compatible with the 2.00f format.

Central Counter (CC) Release

  • (AE CC Rel 2.00g) Central Counter American English Release 2.00g with checksums A:18E7 and B:F814 dated 00-1-14.
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