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GEMS1-14-5 is ready. The password is:
GEMS-1-14-5.zip         ik12lld2n4mpd


                     Include OverVotes and BlankVotes in UnderVotes for the SOVC and Summary Reports when not being shown otherwize.
                     Changed timeout in download from 50 sec. To 120 sec. To allow the Accu-Vote enough time to GenerateCounters.
                     Add function to calculate the memory cards size for a Vcenter in the Vcenter Editor.
                     Do not allow Voter Groups to be deleted if in used by any race or candidate.
                     Fixed problem when selecting the Ballot Tab when displaying reportunits.
                     Fixed problem in Tally where all candidate counters were being cleared when Endorsed races were being cleared not just candidates of Endorsed races.
                     Increased buffer size for BulkRecordsets to handle longer labels.
                     Added audit logging of user changes to the database.
                     Updated California Export to new CALVOTEII format
                     Added ability to move re-arrange columns in the ListViews and the PrintCards card list.
                     Added support for the Vcenter closed status (to indicate that a Vcenter has reported).
                     Added displaying of NumberCounterBatches, NumCounterBatchesCounted, PrecentCounterBatchesCounted, NumVCenters, NumVCentersCompleted and PercentVCenterCompleted in the Reportunit ListView.
                     Added NumberCounterBatches, NumCounterBatchesCounted, PrecentCounterBatchesCounted to the Vcenter ListView.
                     Implemented the SOVC Certification statement as required by State of Wisconsin.  This uses the macro @RACE to print out the list of races and candidates with their votes in the format requested by the State of Wisconsin.