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Ballot Station 4-1-7

Ballot Station 4-1-7 for Windows CE and Windows NT are ready. The passwords are:
BS_CE-4-1-7-0.zip       abdd0mhnoqrbq
BS_NT-4-1-7-0.zip        bcb00jhnoqrbr   

  • Fix logic error in determining whether to use PA straight party rule.
  • Fix problem when used one-click over vote rule cause an exception in Ballot Station.
  • Fix problem where multiple beeps were present for dependent race updates.
  • Notify VIBS voter that recall race cannot be voted.
  • Do not play race status when there are no candidates in the race.
  • Fix misspelled entry in the Audit Log.
  • Fixes problem with recall races at the end of the ballot
  • Fixes problem with races that have no candidates at the end of the ballot.
  • When navigating up the ballot (4/2 keys), skip races that do not have any votable candidates.