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GEMS-1-17-20 is ready. The password is:
GEMS-1-17-20.zip   dtbwbkmanq1ky

1.17.20  Dec 12, 2001

  • Fix problem with getting unhandled exception when refresh is pressed when currently selected item in treeview is no long valid.
  • Display “+” sign in the tree view after refreshing tree view and collapsing tree item.
  • Fix bug when list item did not reflect counter group label changes in the CounterGroup editor.
  • Remove constrain in Standard Import that limits rtf/string data size to 8196 bytes.
  • Add support for specifying rotation types other than precinct rotation in Standard Import
  • Added support for both voter groups.  NOTE:  This will only work with VCProgrammer version 4.x and later.
  • Fix problem with ballots that have NP races assigned to a vgroup other than NP.