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GEMS-1-17-23 and GEMS-Report-1-17-23

GEMS-1-17-23 is ready. The password are:

GEMS-1-17-23.zip    ancbnab21acma
GEMS-Reports-1-17-23.zip    bagjqwglsbrzu

1.17.23  August 9, 2002

  • BUG#1403 Items are not being recorded in the Audit Log.
  • BUG#1406 Races not being displayed and incorrect number of precincts are reported using JResult client.
  • BUG#1291 Attempting to recover memory cards or queuing AccuVote-TS vote center results in 'Too few parameters' message.
  • BUG#1364 Extraneous text is randomly printed on some races on ballot.
  • BUG#1309 GEMS' LA IMPORT does not import Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Tagalog text files properly.
  • Implement requirements for Texas certification.
  • BUG#1005 User Modification screen: no error message is displayed if  'Confirm password' and 'Password' fields don't match.
  • BUG#1149 Connect to Data Base security crack.
  • BUG#1365 AccuVote-TS download:  The file converter could not process the rich text in the input file.
  • BUG#1177 Races marked as "Not Counted" can be downloaded and appear in reports.
  • Sort sequence not implemented correctly when adding new Reporting Set in the Reporting Set dialog box.
  • Reporting Set ID should be saved when the Reporting Set Properties dialog is closed.
  • List view does not refresh when the Tree view is refreshed.
  • Change properties of the combo boxes in Vote Center Properties dialog to Drop Down list. This will prevent the user from typing in invalid information.
  • Comment out code that will change the District when changing the Controlling race of a Shadowed race.
  • Change "Disallow skip candidate" checkbox to "Play all candidates".
  • Loading and saving Print Settings fails on Windows XP.
  • Voter registration (Vreg) totals do not add up properly and counter group totals display extra lines in Cards Cast report.
  • Summary Reports Cards Cast totals are incorrect when importing BRC results.
  • Add percentages of Voter Turnout and Precinct Reporting to Election Summary Report.