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GEMS-1-18-12 is ready. The password is:
GEMS-1-18-12.zip   rawhvj5igxw42

1.18.12 August 9, 2002

  • BUG#1403 Items are not being recorded in Audit Log.
  • BUG#1356 Resetting election doesn't allow results to be re-uploaded.
  • BUG#1406 Incorrect number of precincts are reported in JResultClient.
  • BUG#1351 Result Server - doesn't allow you to specify a folder under the GEMS directory.
  • The 'Zoom In' menu item is incorrectly enabled even when the maximum zoom level is reached.
  • BUG#1291 Attempting to recover memory cards or queue AccuVote-TS vote centers results in 'Too few parameters' message.
  • BUG#1378 Ballot Station keyboard input is not recognized after Supervisor Password is cleared.
  • BUG#1364 Extraneous text is randomly printed on some races on ballot.
  • BUG#1384 GEMS' LA IMPORT does not import the bif and/or dif format files.
  • BUG#1371 Clicking on 'Post' does not post items in the Challenge Board.
  • BUG#1003 Preference Races on AccuVote-OS are not counted correctly.
  • BUG#1005 User Modification screen: No error message is displayed if 'Confirm Password' and 'Password' fields don't match.
  • BUG#1375 Backup is not aborted when user clicks on 'Abort' icon.
  • BUG#1355 Regional Result - aborted transfers are not logged.
  • BUG#1365 AccuVote-TS download: The file converter could not process the rich text in the input file.
  • BUG#1262 Duplicate uploads not reflected on AccuVote-TS Server log.
  • BUG#1370 Multiple languages are selected in Language Editor after hitting the Apply button.
  • BUG#1305 Reporting Set screen doesn't have a description field, yet monitor script screen displays 'description' column for reporting sets.
  • BUG#1303 Outstanding TSText corrections and translations
  • BUG#1302 Default Race/Candidate/Header ballot text should be language sensitive
  • Change “Okay” to “OK” in Ballot Text Editor.
  • BUG#1203 A file sharing violation occurs when multiple database audio windows are open.
  • BUG#1282 Add sub-district option should be disabled when election status is “Set for Election”.
  • BUG#1277 Unaccepted Challenge ballots appear on 'View Ballot' screen.
  • BUG#1238 Word misspelled on Preference Party selection screen.
  • BUG#1223 French and Philipino Languages don't have the English translation displayed on the language selection screen.
  • BUG#1226 Reporting Sets - Tab key doesn't work in the race table.
  • BUG#1266 GEMS Help left-hand panel should be suppressed.
  • BUG#1267 No warning message is displayed when deleting a voter group that has voter registration amounts defined
  • BUG#1208 Saving over size audio file causes internal error.
  • BUG#1263 Tab key in race editor should go from art sequence box to report sequence box when pressed.
  • BUG#1227 Controlling race field should be disabled when election status is “Set for Election”.
  • BUG#940 Cards Cast by Vote Center Report: number of cards cast for precincts in multiple vote centers are incorrect.
  • BUG#1199 New header doesn't save 'Card header' option.
  • BUG#1273 SOVC registered voters turnout amount doubled if there is only one split precinct
  • BUG#1248 Write-in Screen instructions not displayed in the corresponding language selected- they are all displayed in English.
  • BUG#1222 Non-English languages missing button text in the instruction section of the 'Voter Instruction' and 'Review ballot' screen.
  • BUG#1284 Spelling error in warning message: "No langauges selected for download".
  • BUG#1221 Language label colors on language selection screen are now consistent. Language label colors on language selection screen should be consistent.
  • BUG#1206 Dismissing Audio error dialog returns control to invoking editor rather than Audio window.
  • BUG#971Report Sets dialog: without first specifying races, clicking the set icon selects the first race or the last race you clicked or cleared.
  • BUG#1109 GEMS window flashes after choosing "Manual Entry" and dismissing the "No Counters Available to Modify" warning dialog.
  • BUG#1096 Fixed and enhanced support for line printer logging.
  • BUG#1177 Races marked as "Not Counted" can be downloaded and appear in reports.
  • BUG#539 Network problem such as timeout causes “Specified network name is no longer available” error popup dialog and Internal Error in AccuVote-TS Server v2.
  • Don't show Absentee/NonAbsentee voter groups in Candidate Tab for Recalled and Shadow races. (Race Editor)
  • Complete code to check each card for empty races before saving. (Ballots with unplaced races cannot be saved in the Ballot Editor.)
  • Update copyright notice from “Global Election Systems, Inc.” to “Diebold Election Systems, Inc.”