Instinct Internet Solutions A note about browser compatibility

  Probably the biggest problem in using JavaScript on a web site is that of browser compatibility.

More so than HTML itself, JavaScript is a new, rapidly developing technology. Supported features vary between different browsers, and between different versions of the same browser.

Of course well written JavaScript is completely ignored by browsers that do not support it, so visitors using a non-compatible browser simply don't see the JavaScript effects. For simple, "eye-candy" type effects, this is not a serious issue; if you are using some of the more advanced JavaScript features essential to the content of your page (for example some powerful forms functions) an alternative presentation of your data is necessary.

Using very basic JavaScript that even the earliest "Java - enabled" browsers support, it is possible to determine which browser and version a visitor is using, and tailor the page they see to suit. For example, a simple piece of JavaScript has determined that the browser you are currently using is


(or compatible), and based on this information you can be directed to pages containing only JavaScript supported by that version.

The "icon" image to the left, and the address it is linked to (check the URL in the status bar when your mouse is over the image) is another simple example : you should see an icon representing the browser you are using, linked to the home page of the company that produces it. If you view this page in another browser, you will see a different icon, and be linked to a different location.

The very content of the page you see - images, text, animations etc - can be customised to suit your viewers' browsers, all invisibly.

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