i . n . s . t . i . n . c . t
 p . h . i . l . o . s . o . p . h . y
 s . e . r . v . i . c . e . s
 p . e . o . p . l . e
 c . o . n . t . a . c . t

Standard Site Packages :

Instant : The most basic of web presences - a single page consisting of one scanned image, one A4 page of plain text, and a link to your email address. Sweeteners (see below) not available with this package. Example available. £xx
Filter : With a bit more room to present your company, this is a medium brew of up to three linked pages, up to five scanned images, up to five A4 pages of text, and a link to your email address. Multiple pages allow you to dedicate seperate pages to seperate departments or products, as you choose. Sweeteners (see below) available. £xxx
Capuccino : The cream of our basic packages, consisting of an "indexed" home page and up to five sub-pages. The index page serves as a contents or menu of the sub-pages, allowing clear presentation of a large amount of information. Use up to eight scanned images, up to eight pages of A4 text, and links to up to three email addresses. Sweeteners (see below) available. £xxxx
Sweeteners : In addition to standard text and scanned images, there are a host of other options that can be added to the Filter and Capuccino Standard Sites to spice up your web pages. These range from custom graphics, small animations and image maps, through to more complex features such as counters to track the number of "hits" your site has, interactive forms, guest books, form-mail, active buttons ... and much more. Generally the services mentioned below are charged at an hourly coding or per-page rate; some are available at flat rates.

Custom Graphics, Animated Gifs, Image Maps : Custom graphic images can add a stylish touch to your site. Animated gifs are simple animated images, and image maps allow you to "map" regions of an image to different HTML links. £xx/hour
Off the shelf scripts (hit counters, form-mail ...), fixed charge.
More complex, custom CGI scripts, coding charged by the hour. £xx/hour
Java and JavaScript : Active buttons or images on your pages which change as your mouse moves over them, pull-down-menus ... Coding charged at an hourly rate. See example page. £xx/hour
JavaScript Browser Compatibility : Tailor the contents of your page to suit individual browsers and versions. See Note and example page. £xx/hour
Logfiles : For a fixed fee we can generate the full access logs of your site - who is looking at your pages, the dates and times they are looking, referring pages ... £xx
Translations : We can also arrange to have your pages translated into most major European languages. £xx/page
For further information, email queries@instinct.org

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