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Custom Site Design :

While our design philosophy can be felt in the most basic of our standard packages, it can only reach it's full potential in a custom package, tailored to fit your needs. Here you have the opportunity to present your company to the online world with a striking, high quality site.

We set pricing based on your requirements : You may have some firm ideas about your site layout already; perhaps you would like to follow an existing layout (a company brochure for example); or you may prefer to leave the design to us, and simply give us an outline of your expectations.

For all our custom sites we maintain close contact with you as the project proceeds, making the work in progress avaialble to you either via email, or a password protected site. This way you can watch as your site develops, and we can take your feedback into consideration to ensure the final result is all that you want it to be.

A custom site, created from scratch, can take anything from one day to several weeks, depending on your requirements. Please email queries@instinct.org for information.

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