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Other Services :

As we own and maintain our own servers, and we can offer most internet services such as individual email accounts, registering your company domain name, web hosting ...

Email Accounts : Single mailbox only accounts accessible via POP3 (any standard mail package such as MS Internet Mail). Discounts for multiple addresses. Prices are for an initial 6mth term, renewable. £xx  
Domain Names : By registering your company domain name, you can use the company name in your email addresses, for example "smith@your-company.com" or "sales@somewhere.co.uk". You also have the ability to have a web site using your domain name, for example "www.your-company-name.com".

Domain name costs vary depending on the type of name you require (.com, .co.uk, .org etc), as does the length of the initial contract (typically one year, two years, or indefinitely). Please email queries@instinct.org for further information.

Web Hosting : If you would prefer to design your own web pages, or have done so already, we can host them on our servers. We have high-bandwidth, dedicated servers located in London, UK. We can also assist with mirroring your site on a European server.

  Up to 1Mb web space£xx/mth
Additional 1Mb blocks£xx/mth/Mb

Miscellaneous :

We can also arrange basic services such as image scanning and text entry.

Need documentation for your software / hardware / technical services ? We have experience in technical documentation, writing FAQs, software installation and configuration guides, and Internet "newbies" guides.


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