online texts

This is an archive of interesting texts texts by people that have released the copyright of their books and allowed other to freely redistribute them. Enjoy. If you know of something that's not here and you think should be, please let us know :

The texts will be available in as many formats as possible, for downloading, reading online, and printing.

There are a thousands of other books online that you might like to have a look at, most of them because their copyright has run out. Check out the links page for some pointers. This page is only really meant for a few things that we found interesting.

Title Author Description
The Hacker Crackdown Bruce Sterling "This is about the electronic frontier of the 1990s" - a classic book
The Jargon File Eric S. Raymond HTML version of "The New Hacker's Dictionary"
Shufflebrain Paul Pietsch "An in-depth but non-technical look at the neural hologram"
Steal This Book Abbie Hoffman well, uh, ok. this is abbie hoffman's controversial 1971 book
The Fixed Point of Asa Zook Paul Pietsch A novel about regeneration and memory
A Piece of Blue Sky Jon Atack The cult of Scientology exposed
Black Box Voting: Ballot-Tampering in the 21st Century Bev Harris How new electronic voting systems are just plain broken