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Re: Ballots not processed

Steve Ricke wrote:

> Tried most of the morning to duplicate the fault using 1.94w roms without
> success.  Then remembered Charlie C. likes to test using the recirculation
> mode.  When set in recirculation mode, the fault is easily duplicated using
> the proceedures of my first E-Mail on this subject.  The fault can be
> duplicated in both diagnostic and count test ballot modes.
> Did not try with earlier firmware levels yet.

  Thanks for the help Steve.  This proved to be a reliable way to reproduce a
"motor run-on" crash which enabled us to track down and fix it.  The fix is in
the newly released 1.94x.

  Unfortunately we cannot confirm that this is the same bug that is hitting the
units in the field.  For now we're going to consider this case closed.
However, if you ever get a crash in which the motor is running in forward (i.e.
blindly accepting ballots) but not responding to anything, please try to answer
these questions for us:

- Accu-Vote firmware version
- Accu-Vote serial number
- does the "POWER FAIL" message flash when the power cord is removed?
- which JAM message is displayed, "COUNTED BALLOT" or "RETURNED BALLOT"?
- what was happening when it failed (i.e. were jams occurring otherwise due to
a full ballot box, were there excessive rejections, ...)?

and anything else that could help us identify the conditions leading to the

  Again, thanks for everybody's help.