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GEMS 1-15-3 - Hamilton County Database takeing Header Files and ading Votes to them

Sorry, I didn’t know what to say to explain this one properly in the subject field.


I noticed some curious behavior in GEMS.  Load this Database into GEMS 1-15-3, open RACE > DELEGATES AT-LARGE, go directly to the Candidates TAB, and look at George W. Bush -> Type Field.  The Type is Header.  Go directly to the Race Tab, the Type is Candidate.  Go directly to the Candidates Tab, the Type is Candidate.  GEMS changed the Type from Header to Candidate.


Hamilton County is getting totals placed in the George W. Bush Header when she does test uploads.  Go to GEMS -> Print Precinct Summary, sort by Precinct summary, choose DOWNTOWN, Preview it, go to page 2, you will see totals in the George W. Bush Header.




Mike Brown

1611 Wilmeth Road

McKinney, TX 75069-8250




copy - pres pref primary for testing only 3-00.dbf