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Re: Order that Write-ins Appear on AccuVote Tape

Can you change a filename without recertifying?  It doesn't really matter to me, but if the FL certification is the issue then give them that filename and add another name that becomes the new standard.  Other than that, does anyone have other concerns about the order of the write-in?
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Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 8:15 PM
Subject: RE: Order that Write-ins Appear on AccuVote Tape

I understand, agree, and fully share in your frustrations with the FL certification "process". I wish I could change the process,  but all I can do is try to make things work with the rules in place. If I understand correctly that FL's version of 194us.abo is part of 1.17.17 GEMS and therefore will not change, things will be fine here.


At 2/11/2002 07:52 PM, you wrote:
Any change is an issue to Florida.  They'll have to stick with the 1.94us abo that ships with 1.17.whateveritis until they re-certify;  there isn't anything to "check with them" about.  They don't get to take advantage of any of the other enhancements we make until they re-certify either, but that does not preclude the rest of the country moving forward.
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Subject: RE: Order that Write-ins Appear on AccuVote Tape

While I like the idea of moving the write-in listing to the end, I am concerned that making the change to the standard 194us.abo might have implications later on in FL, since the current layout is part of the certified package here.

I can check with the FL Div and get their input if anyone wants to pursue it.


At 2/11/2002 04:51 PM, you wrote:
With respect to the substance of this request, is there anyone against having this change incorporated into the standard 1.94us abo?  We can either create a 1.94usca for Steve's California accounts that puts the write-ins after the candidates, or make that the standard.  Either way is equal effort, we just need to know which.
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I am submitting a new RCR for this old RCR.  Documentation of prior RCRs below. 

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